8 Sexy Things to Do with Chocolate

Posted on 2011/02/10


Chocolate. From the days of Aztecs it’s been considered an aphrodisiac, and it undoubtedly remains the sexiest, most sensual food out there. Some of the chemicals it contains, such as theobromine and phenylethylamine, are thought to be responsible for chocolate’s erotic potency; of course, there is also the fact that chocolate is not only delicious, but easily melts into a warm substance that reminds us on a primitive level of the sexy heat and texture of vaginal lubrication and cum.

With Valentines coming up, it seemed only prudent to run over some of the many fun and romantic ways that chocolate can be used in sex play. Just make sure when using melted chocolate that you don’t overheat it and either burn your partner or the chocolate. Using a fondue set is a great way to keep chocolate at the right temperature without constantly having to run to the stove or microwave to reheat it, then having to wait again to let it cool down. I can’t think of a faster way to go from romantic to turn off than running around like the Easter bunny.

                1) Roman-Style. While feeding your partner chocolate is an obvious part of foreplay, working it into the dominant-submissive dynamic can make chocolate consumption that much more sensual. Get the more dominant partner to lie on the bed, stripped naked or dressed in something silky and sexy; then slowly hand feed him/her fruits dipped in warm chocolate, touching his/her lips and making him/her lick your fingers. If you love being pampered or submissive in bed, this little game can be a real winner.

2) Sticky Kiss. This is a high school classic. There’s nothing sweeter than tonguing your partner while his/her mouth is full of chocolate. You can play with this a bit too, perhaps slipping in a piece of chocolate while your partner is distracted as a surprise, or sharing a frozen piece until it melts.

3) Steamy Massage. For some people, nothing is a bigger turn-on than the feel of hot oil or wax on their back. In this case, warming your partner up with a sensual massage and then dripping warm chocolate on his/her back may be just the thing. Of course, licking the chocolate off with your warm tongue will only add to the arousing effect, especially if you start lightly stroking his/her genitals as well.

4) Sensitive Sucking. Every partner has different sensitive spots on his/her body, and capitalizing on this is a definite yes. Applying melted chocolate to areas such as nipples, ears, toes and thighs and then cleaning it off with your mouth and tongue will guarantee your partner a hot time. If you’ve been working yourself up to licking out your partner’s cute little bum hole, this also may be a happy aid.

5) Cocoa Job. Nothing puts more energy into a blow job than when somebody is literally trying to eat you out or suck you down. It’s a warm, silky lube for your partner that doesn’t taste to you like gasoline (which in my opinion is what all flavoured lubes and creams actually taste like). You have to be careful, though. Women can easily get infections from such play, although there is specialty chocolate available at sex stores that are genital friendly- however, NEVER PUT IT INSIDE. To play it safe, stick to the thighs and mons veneris and steer clear of the uretha and her hole. With men, however, as long as you steer clear of his tiny hole up top, covering his shaft and scrotum with chocolate and sucking if off will be a more than pleasurable experience for the both of you, and he may very well add some “white cream filling” to your genital truffle delight

6) Hide and Seek. Blindfold your partner and dab chocolate somewhere on your naked body. Then make your partner try to “find” the chocolate using his/her mouth. When he/she does, switch places. This can be a fun, slow way to get aroused if you and your partner enjoy close intimacy.

7) Hot and Cold. Some people find the extremes of hot and cold on their body extremely arousing, and what better way to do this than with warm chocolate and frozen strawberries? An especially sexy way is to blindfold and handcuff your partner to the bed, while teasing him/her with the chocolate, strawberries, and your mouth on his/her erotic zones. Again, be careful around the genitals!

8) Body Lube. If you like getting hot and sticky, here’s one experience you won’t ever forget. You’re going to need some old sheets and about a fair-sized container of chocolate (or chocolate syrup). Simply have sex… and smother each other’s bodies with chocolate. Apply tongue liberally. Obviously you’re going to need a shower after this, but despite the mess the sensation will be outstanding!

So if you were looking for a new, sexy experience this Valentines, consider using chocolate. Not sure what your partner would like? Why not clip out this article and get him/her to circle which one he/she wants? Or, just provide the bed and some chocolate and see where it goes. Remember, sex is about playing and having fun- and what’s more fun than chocolate?

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